Goat and Wolf

It's just a matter of time till you find out the right combination and solve this riddle.

You can also find a very similar logic puzzle with cannibals on these pages.

A river. Shepherd wolf goat and a cabbage on one bank. Wolf wants to eat the goat wants the cabbage. Into the shepherd can take only one animal or a cabbage in the boat. Two animals or an animal and a cabbage can't fit in the boat together with the shepherd. Surprisingly neither wolf nor goat can paddle.

How does the shepherd get wolf goat and cabbage to the other side so that goat never stays with wolf or cabbage without shepherds' supervision?


I think you'll figure this out. You just need to realize that shepherd can carry something even on the way back.


  1. Goat there. Nothing back.
  2. Wolf there. Goat back.
  3. Cabbage there. Nothing back.
  4. Goat there.