Boxes with marbles

You do not have to be the the smartest person in the world to solve this funny riddle but it will challange your imagination and it might be a good brain practice for your children.

You have three boxes full of marbles. There are stickers saying “white” “red” “red and white” on them indicating what color are the marbles inside the boxes.

One day someone moves the stickers so that none of them is on a correct box. How many marbles do you have to draw to place all stickers correctly again without looking inside the boxes?


The fact that no sticker is on a correct box is your advantage.


You only need one.

You draw one marble from a box with a sticker “red and white” – let’s say its red. That means the box has to be full of red marbles (if there were white ones too the sticker would have been on a correct box). Box marked as “white” must be mixed (red is already taken and white would be correctly).

The last box marked as “red” has to contain white marbles.

If you draw white first the solution is almost exactly same only with opposite colors.

Have you figured it out?