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There is father and son in a car. As it happens on the roads from time to time the have a terrible accident. They are both seriously injured and ambulances carry them to two different hospitals.

The son is on a surgery table while the surgeon walks in and says: „I can't do the surgery on him he is my son!"

How is it possible?

(assume relations are blood - no stepfather involved)

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Boxes with marbles

You have three boxes full of marbles. There are stickers saying “white” “red” “red and white” on them indicating what color are the marbles inside the boxes.

One day someone moves the stickers so that none of them is on a correct box. How many marbles do you have to draw to place all stickers correctly again without looking inside the boxes?

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Which direction is the bus going, left or right?

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There are 32 red socks and 32 blue socks in the drawer. You can’t tell which sock is right and which is left. It’s dark and you are pulling socks out of the drawer. How many do you have to draw to be sure that you have a pair? (At least 2 socks of the same color)

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Can you divide a square in 13 completely same parts?

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Goat and Wolf

A river. Shepherd wolf goat and a cabbage on one bank. Wolf wants to eat the goat wants the cabbage. Into the shepherd can take only one animal or a cabbage in the boat. Two animals or an animal and a cabbage can't fit in the boat together with the shepherd. Surprisingly neither wolf nor goat can paddle.

How does the shepherd get wolf goat and cabbage to the other side so that goat never stays with wolf or cabbage without shepherds' supervision?

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