Picture puzzles

Visual brain teasers and picture riddles


Which direction is the bus going, left or right?

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You have an appliance like this:

There are two cogwheels in a box. The bigger one has 24 teeth and it is tightly attached to the center of the box (it doesn’t turn or move). The smaller one has 8 teeth and it rotates around the bigger wheel. How many times does the smaller wheel turn compared with the box when it turns once around the bigger wheel?

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Can you cut and reassemble a square so that you create a red cross of the same volume?

(A cross is made of 5 identical squares)

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Both triangles are made of identical parts. In the bottom one is one empty square though. How is that possible?

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There are nine points as shown in the picture above. Can you connect them with four straight lines without lifting pen from a paper?

(It might look like circles in the pictures but its points)

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