I think this is one of the best riddles here :)

Man comes home and what does he see? Mother-in-law came over.

I don’t know how but they started a fight. About what is not important at all.


Mother-in-law: You just lie all the time.

Man: No way...

Mother-in-law: You don’t tell a sentence without lying!

Man: Don’t be ridiculous!

Mother-in-law: Let’s try it: tell me one true sentence.

Man: Ok but you will get out after.

Mother-in-law: If you tell me true sentence I’ll go but if you will lie again I will stay. I promise I will!

Man thought for a while and than told her one sentence. Mother-in-law suddenly realized that to keep her promise she has to hang herself.

What did the man tell her?


It needs to connect two statements: one about going away and one about hanging herself.


Man said: “You will neither leave nor hang yourself”

Mother-in-law can’t just leave. The man would be lying and she promised to stay if he lies.

She can stay only if man lied it means that mother-in-law has to either leave or hang herself. She can’t stay and leave at the same time. So only thing she has left to do is hang herself.

You just have to tell mother in law the opposite of what you want... (At least according to this riddle)