It’s possible that you will figure out the solution of this puzzle before you even finish reading it but on the other hand you might stop believing in basic mathematic principles.

Three lords enter a hotel. The receptionist at the front desk tells them that one room is 10 pounds so each of the gentlemen pay – 30 pounds altogether.

When the porter wants to bring the luggage to lord’s rooms, hotel director rushes in to tell him that it was supposed to be only 25 pounds for the three rooms and he gives him the extra 5 pounds to return them to lords.

The porter had no idea know how to divide 5 pounds between 3 gentlemen so he gave one pound to each of them and kept the remaining 2.

Each lord paid 9 pounds (10 originally and got one back). 3x9=27. The porter kept two pounds. 27+2=29. What happened with the remaining one pound?


Think about how much everyone paid and how much they were supposed to pay. Where the two pounds for the porter came from?


Gentlemen paid 27 pounds. They were supposed to pay 25. Two pounds for the porter. Number 30 is not important at all.