Most people solve this riddle immediately or it gives them really hard time. Although it might seem that solution doesn't exist don't give up. When you figure it out you'll be surprised how easy it is. How will YOU do in this puzzle?

Evil warlock doesn't like dwarfs so he chooses four of them and buries them into the ground so that only their heads are above surface. Dwarfs can't move at all and they can look only forward.

They're buried in a line and one of them is separated by a wall. They are all facing the same direction: last dwarf sees two heads of his friends and a wall. Second last sees only one had and a wall. Second dwarf sees only the wall and first is looking to the distance where he can see nothing interesting though.

Warlock explains the situation to dwarfs and tells them that he has placed hats on their heads - two blue hats and two red ones. One of the dwarfs is supposed to say what color is the hat he is wearing. If he says the right color warlock will dig them out immediately. If he says something else all of them will stay there till the end...

How will dwarfs solve this problem?


I suppose that you figured that if the middle two dwarfs are wearing same hats the last one will know the answer.

If this is not the case another dwarf has to figure out. If you think that none of the remaining dwarfs can find out the correct answer from what he sees try to imagine what the situation looks


If the last dwarf doesn't come up with the answer soon it means that the two dwarfs have different hats. Second last dwarf will simply say the different color than he sees on head in front of him. Off course he gives enough time to the last dwarf to talk in case he knew.