Death match

Puzzle from Wild West.

You have just arrived to Wild West and you have already got in trouble. Buffalo Bill and Killer Kid are aiming at each other with colts. They accept you to death match with pleasure. They don’t want to waste bullets so they agree on following rules:

  1. Participants shoot in given order until only one survives.
  2. Everyone shoots only once when it’s his turn.
  3. If someone is injured the others finish him off with iron rod.
  4. The worst shooter (you) shoots first the best shoots last.

What tactics will you choose if you know that you hit about every third shot, Bill has around 50% chance and Immortal Kid never miss? (Please don’t shoot yourself)


Think about how your opponents will shoot in case you hit someone or not.



Best is to shoot in the air.

If you shoot Bill and hit by chance you are surely dead.

If you shoot on Kid and hit there is a 50% chance you die before you have a chance to shoot on Bill.

If you shoot into the air Bill will shoot on Kid (he knows he is a better shooter) if he misses Bill is dead if he hits Kid dies and now you can shoot and you have 1/3 chance to win.

If you hit any of your opponents you are always in a worse situation.