This puzzle is really for adults only but it is a nice one. Can you solve it?

Two men and women have shipwrecked on a deserted island. They are bored so they want to want to have some fun (sex). As there is a plenty of time each one of them wants to try all possible (heterosexual) partners.

The problem is that each of them has a different STD and if anyone was to catch another one he/she would hardly survive. They have two condoms that the men had brought. How are they supposed to plan they’re sexual activities so that every woman would have sex with every man and they would prevent spreading STD’s at the same time?

(Condoms are ideal, they last a lot but the used side can’t get to contact with the particular part of a different body)


Do you know Matryoshka dolls?


To solve this problem they have to use two condoms at the same time.

  1. man 1 uses two condoms and has sex with woman 1
  2. man 1 takes off one condom and has sex with woman 2
  3. man 2 takes condom that man 1 has taken off and has sex with woman 1
  4. man 2 puts the second condom over the one he is already wearing and has sex with woman 2